Chris Hickman practices for his second match at the Weed and Seed Safe Haven in Florence, South Carolina

After producing video like this and this for TV broadcasts while at my last job, I’d always have tons of footage left over. I’d shoot 10-20 minutes worth. They’d use 15 seconds.

And then twitpic started letting you upload video. So between uploading, editing, rendering and exporting, I’d throw together some stuff to put on twitter before the broadcast aired.

Twitpic has a limit of one minute and 30 seconds for uploads so had to be selective on what I was going to use.

They’re weren’t really meant to be anything more than an extra element to go along with the story – like a preview or first look at a story before it aired or went to print.

Here’s a look at a few videos thrown together with scraps, on deadline, in 15 minutes or less: Read More


COWARD, S.C. – Every year Marvin Russ invites the locals to see the start of the sugar cane harvest at Russ Brothers Farm. Teddy Fleming and Ike McKnight started working with him seven years ago. In this video, Fleming talks about the first day of harvest and the months leading up to it – VIDEO

Syrup from Carlton Purvis on Vimeo.