#ViewFromMyDesk at The Morning News. August 2010.

I want to see your newsroom.

I’ve been talking about doing a crowd-sourced entry for a while now (a tweet from Scott Schwebke, who covers breaking news at the Standard-Examiner, reminded me that I had started this post but never finished it).

So, in celebration of my new job as a writer and editor at Security Management Magazine, this post is it. I moved to the DC area officially yesterday (but I’m still looking for a place). I start the job on Monday. That was the official announcement.

The idea came from a tweet from @SunlightNetwork last August, asking its followers to post a picture of their workspace. And a hashtag was born.

Operation #ViewFromMyDesk

So here’s the plan: In one entry I’d like to post pictures from the newsrooms of 100 different news organizations. If you’re full-time, part-time, freelance, educator, student – whatever, I want to see your workspace.

Tweet them to me @CarltonPurvis or feel free to leave a link to them in the comments. Don’t forget to let me know your name on twitter and the name of your media organization.

Once we get 100, one person, picked by a random number generator, will get a gift subscription from me to their choice of Columbia Journalism Review or Foreign Policy Magazine, two of my favorite publications – and I’ll post the view from my desk at the new gig.

You can view them all here:

I’m looking forward to seeing them all! Send away!


Fonta James and Travis Byrd hug Sammie Davis after defeating Lower Marion 93-76 February 22, 2011 at Darlington High School.

This is the photo I turned in that night. You can read the story here from Lou Bezjak.

Some other photos from the night: Read More

This is the real Taylor Gang

I met the Taylors while looking for standalone art for the front page. After Jannie May (center) was diagnosed with lung cancer and Grandma and Grandpa Taylor died, the family moved from the family home into different residences. As she smoked a cigarette Jannie May told me her story:

A few weeks before Jannie May found out her cancer was in remission. That Saturday they all met up to fix up the family home so they could all move back in. This photo wasn’t published, but it’s one of my favorite photos from last year.

Oh wait, were you looking for…

Last Saturday one of our local teams played in the high school football sate championships. Unfortunately, they lost, but it was a good run. They ended the season 15-1. You can find the story  by @loubezjakfmnhere.

It seemed like Dillon followed the same pattern every game. They’d score early and keep scoring. In the last half they’d start to wear down, but with too little time for the opposing team to make a comeback.

Didn’t happen this time. An interception from Central in the last few minutes cost them the state title. It would have been their third in a row.

I had to decide on one picture to represent the day. Something appropriate but raw. Something that showed the pain of losing, but also how far they’d come.  I chose this one for the front page.

See the photos that didn’t make the cut after the jump…

Which would you have chosen?

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