That let’s me know O’Keefe doesn’t do (at least) three things: He doesn’t have anyone look over his stuff critically before he publishes – and no, Andrew Breitbart doesn’t count. He has a huge ego but no real concept of journalism or what it takes to get an Emmy. And he doesn’t read Mother Jones.

If he did, he’d realize his faux-invesigations fall apart like a bad episode of Pinky and the Brain (Breitbart and O’Keefe cameo at :44). Mother Jones does a pretty good job at documenting fail after fail on this chart they call “Pimps, Lies and Videotapes,” but I call “Sit Down, O’Keefe.”

What’s even funnier about O’Keefe’s comparison of himself to Chris Hansen is that O’Keefe was the one posing as a sexual predator for a “sting” last year.

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Rep. Biss online @DanielBiss - Photo from Twitter

The Illinois General Assembly passed and sent to the governor a bill adding a new exemption to the state’s FOIA law. The exemption would prevent the release of personal information of minors who are participants and registrants in park district and city programs.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Daniel Biss, a progressive Democrat and former math professor who hit the ground running since being sworn in, in January.

We had a chance to talk on Thursday about where the idea for the bill originated and what exactly it aimed to prevent. Read More

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So you’re new to Twitter. Who should you follow? Who are the major players in your area? Politicians? City council members? What about Law Enforcement? It’d be nice if your newspaper could tell you all that.

Take a look at the South Bay Guide to Twitter put together by The Daily Breeze. It’s a constantly evolving list of places, people and things to keep their readers in the loop.

Recently, I gave Daily Breeze editor Toni Sciacqua a call to talk about the page and why it works. For Sciacqua, the page serves as both a public service and a tool to monitor sources. Read More