My move from newspaper life to magazine life: Month 1

photo of DC Newspaper boxes by Elvert Barnes from flickr

I haven’t posted in about a month while I tried to get settled into the new job. I’m proud to announce that I found a place this week. I move in tomorrow, so after getting resettled into a new place and getting the some Internet I should be back in the swing of regular blogging.

I’m not sure I ever explained what I’m doing here – and I don’t plan on going to in-depth right now either, but I’m essentially the web editor for the mag. I do a round-up security related news items from the day/night before in the morning and then a “blog” post during the day about a news item, report, hearing, etc. Mix all that together with a week of page proofing and posting the magazine online and a few other things and that’s how I’m spending my days. Lots of other stuff too though.

The position is kind of a newspaper/magazine hybrid, but it’s given me the opportunity to write a lot more than I did at the newspaper. Definitely still racing against a couple daily deadlines (morning and afternoon) like at a newspaper, but the pressures of filling a paper everyday, and responding to breaking news aren’t there – and I don’t know how much I miss it. I feel like I actually have a chance to process the information that I’m gathering throughout the day – which is also great because 90% of the things I’m writing about I’m learning about for the first time, so I end up reading as much background about the topics as I do writing about them.

Here’s a few highlights from my first month at Security Management Magazine. Enjoy:

June 15:  Senator Joe Lieberman and Rep. Mike Rogers both used the phrase “keeps me up at night,” about 20 times at this panel on biosecurity at George Washington University. I know that for sure because a reporter in front of me was actually keep a tally. Read the recap here: Upcoming Legislation Would Increase Biothreat Readiness

June 16: Wrote and learned a ton about border tunnels working on this post.

June 17: Why Mexican cartel hits are getting more ruthless and a recap of a raid on a Zeta training camp in Jalisco here: The Changing Face of Mexican Cartels

June 20: Authorities Use Unexplained Wealth Orders To Fight Crime –  Basically, in Ireland and a few other countries, if you’re driving around in a Mercedes and having stripper parties all the time, you better be ready to prove you weren’t doing it using dirty money. Can’t prove it? Then you turn over your assets to the government.

June 21: A few technological advances birthed from 9/11.

June 23: Heard of Big Tobacco and Big Oil right? How about Big Aviation? A company named LightSquared wants to establish a broadband network that covers the entire United States, but the aviation industry plans to do everything they can to stop them. Read why here: Aviation Industry Attacks LightSquared Over Broadband Plans

June 29: Ditching Base Decals Won’t Affect Base Security

July 8: This is why I’ve been talking about Hezbollah all week: Hezbollah Digging In Across The Americas


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