Monthly Archives: July 2011

photo of DC Newspaper boxes by Elvert Barnes from flickr

I haven’t posted in about a month while I tried to get settled into the new job. I’m proud to announce that I found a place this week. I move in tomorrow, so after getting resettled into a new place and getting the some Internet I should be back in the swing of regular blogging.

I’m not sure I ever explained what I’m doing here – and I don’t plan on going to in-depth right now either, but I’m essentially the web editor for the mag. I do a round-up security related news items from the day/night before in the morning and then a “blog” post during the day about a news item, report, hearing, etc. Mix all that together with a week of page proofing and posting the magazine online and a few other things and that’s how I’m spending my days. Lots of other stuff too though.

The position is kind of a newspaper/magazine hybrid, but it’s given me the opportunity to write a lot more than I did at the newspaper. Definitely still racing against a couple daily deadlines (morning and afternoon) like at a newspaper, but the pressures of filling a paper everyday, and responding to breaking news aren’t there – and I don’t know how much I miss it. I feel like I actually have a chance to process the information that I’m gathering throughout the day – which is also great because 90% of the things I’m writing about I’m learning about for the first time, so I end up reading as much background about the topics as I do writing about them. Read More