90-second video features produced in 15 mins or less

Chris Hickman practices for his second match at the Weed and Seed Safe Haven in Florence, South Carolina

After producing video like this and this for TV broadcasts while at my last job, I’d always have tons of footage left over. I’d shoot 10-20 minutes worth. They’d use 15 seconds.

And then twitpic started letting you upload video. So between uploading, editing, rendering and exporting, I’d throw together some stuff to put on twitter before the broadcast aired.

Twitpic has a limit of one minute and 30 seconds for uploads so had to be selective on what I was going to use.

They’re weren’t really meant to be anything more than an extra element to go along with the story – like a preview or first look at a story before it aired or went to print.

Here’s a look at a few videos thrown together with scraps, on deadline, in 15 minutes or less:

1. A candid conversation with South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard and his wife Tammy during campaign season.

2. A clip from the finish line at the 2011 Palmetto State O-Run.

3. This assignment was the baseball jamboree in Savannah Grove. I had all day so I spent some time with the leagues winningest team, The Twins (coached by former NHL player Perry Florio). I ended up with some great video of a grand slam that would obviously be too long for a TV spot so I cut it into this piece for twitter.

4. This video came from an hour worth of video shot at the Pee Dee Weed and Seed in Florence, South Carolina. I still haven’t been able to edit more than this. It was an experiment in audio mixing and features two fighters, both named Junior, who would be fighting their first fights the next day. Unfortunately the boxer who was supposed to fight Big Junior backed out. No one showed up in Little Junior’s weight class.

5. Boy Scout Derby Cars. Yep.

6. An outtake with the Lord Mayor of Westminster at West Florence High School.

7. Interview & outtake with Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd

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