Does James O’Keefe think he deserves an Emmy?


That let’s me know O’Keefe doesn’t do (at least) three things: He doesn’t have anyone look over his stuff critically before he publishes – and no, Andrew Breitbart doesn’t count. He has a huge ego but no real concept of journalism or what it takes to get an Emmy. And he doesn’t read Mother Jones.

If he did, he’d realize his faux-invesigations fall apart like a bad episode of Pinky and the Brain (Breitbart and O’Keefe cameo at :44). Mother Jones does a pretty good job at documenting fail after fail on this chart they call “Pimps, Lies and Videotapes,” but I call “Sit Down, O’Keefe.”

What’s even funnier about O’Keefe’s comparison of himself to Chris Hansen is that O’Keefe was the one posing as a sexual predator for a “sting” last year.

Read more from MOJO: Why Do We Keep Falling for O’keefes Smear Jobs?

The full convo here:

endnote: #WeinerGate has O’Keefe written all over it. I bet he disguised himself as Rep. Weiners boxer briefs and took the picture himself – which by the way, would deserve an Oscar not an Emmy.

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  1. Twitta fight!
    But really, he is a joke. And he needs a PR person to tell him to back away from his twitter account before he makes himself look like a bigger dumb dumb.

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