A look back at my time at The Morning News

My last day at the Morning News was Tuesday. Although it was a great learning experience for me, I decided it was time for me to try something different.

Being an unemployed journalist is kind of bittersweet. On one hand I’m done reporting about birthday parties and confederate museums – but that also means I’m not working at all. After all, it is where I saw my first dead body on the job – and helped kick off the Florence Penny Tax coverage (some of that here and here) – wrote a narrative based on the twitter account of a teen accused of plotting a Columbine-style attack and embedded with a National Guard unit during IED training.

While I’m figuring out what the next chapter is going to be, I’ll be using this time to finish up projects I started months ago and work on a couple I’ve recently picked up (the photo above is from that one).

Let’s start with some favorites.

133rd soldiers lock and load

Sgt. Michael Stanley waits for his squad to return during the 133rds IED training at Ft. Bragg

April 29, 2010: Veterans’ organization says climate change a security threat

May 16, 2010: Civil War soldier laid to rest at National Cemetery (combining journalism and anthropology majors. who knew.)

August 15, 2010: An Eye for Survival: The 133rd MP Company practices IED defeat (my first experience as an embedded reporter)

October 3, 2010: Prison officials stand firm on keeping HIV/AID inmates out of general population (this was as interesting to research as it is to read)

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley and the fam wave to supporters after defeating Democrat VincentSheheen to become the first female governor of South Carolina.

Campaign season in South Carolina was campaign season in South Carolina

June 17, 2010: Greene won’t have Dems support if he continues to general elections

June 18, 2010: Greene moves on to U.S. Senate general election (I wish I would have recorded these interviews)

June 23, 2010: Green Party Senate Candidate: I offer voters an alternative

July 2, 2010: Reeves has a billion dollar plan to save South Carolina (how many of you would go for this?)

September 10, 2020: Clements: S.C. needs to be more fiscally responsible

October 28, 2010: DeMint says public broadcasting an easy target for cuts

I had my FitsNews debut after covering the Nikki Haley watch party.

Christmas Season….aka Stories from the Pee Dee Grinch:

December 2, 2010: Train momentarily derails Dillon Chrsitmas Parade

December 22, 2010: Sorry, Virginia, there is no Santa in this parade

Some Other Good Stuff

May 2, 2010: Lynches River logging raises questions (this involved and 10-mile trip by kayak)

April 7, 2010: Is that a bomb in your refrigerator?

August 10, 2010: Switchgrass highlighted at Farm and Field Day

October 7, 2010: Researchers: Bioenergy market depends on state, federal policy

December 23, 2010: Fire not a new experience for some residents

February 16, 2011: Florence Council chairman pitches district consolidation

February 18, 2011: Penny tax tentative for funding Florence school repairs

March 3, 2011: West Florence Band gets official invite to London


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