Monthly Archives: January 2011

I took a little break during the holidays -then forgot to come back after the new year, but I’m back –back with a new goal for 2011. I’m going to expand the scope of this blog from journalism to journalism and STUFF. Because honestly, there’s a lot of stuff I’d like to write about that probably isn’t really journalism-related.

But this blog entry will be about journalism. This is a letter email we’ll say I was passed by another person who works at a newspaper. And yes, it is a real letter.

As Clipse would say  –Let me set this scene up for you:

An editor wakes up on a Sunday morning, starts the coffee machine, throws a jacket on and goes outside to grab the paper. Immediately he notices something a little off about the front page but shrugs it off. Ever since the company moved all the copy editors that weren’t fired to a copy-editing factory in another state, things hadn’t been exactly the same. And anyway, last night was Saturday, so there probably wasn’t anyone at the newsroom to look over the pages.

He throws the paper on the counter and pours a cup up coffee just as his 8 year-old son comes bounding down the stairs with his favorite mitt.

“We playing catch today dad?”

“Yep, right after the paper. Get that mitt warmed up.”

He sinks into his leather La-Z-Boy and holds up the front page of the first Sunday paper of 2011.  A subhead glares back at him – “Resolutions are good, but for success, experts say people should strife for results.”

He turns the page. Error. The next page. Error. He turns a few more pages. Errorrrrrrr. Thinking he may still be asleep and entering a newspaper editor’s nightmare he looks over the paper at his son pounding a baseball into his mitt across the room.

Each time the ball hits the spot he sees another one. Schalp! Misspelled name. Schalp! Wrong date. Schalp! Style Error.

Then I imagine the rest of it just kind of happens like one of these scenarios. And after he knocks a couple birds out the sky, he puts the paper down and pens this email: Read More