Front Page Friday: The Denver Post

On Fridays I pick a front page from the Newseum that stands out to me and post it on here for the world to see. I download the PDF and provide a link to download the page.

This Friday’s page comes from The Denver Post

I picked this one because of the solid design, strong headlines and pretty interesting presentation of information.

An interesting take on the health care issue at the top of the fold. I like the centerpiece with the Ice Age story and mammoth tusk photo (my other major in school was anthropology). The info box has interesting things that probably wouldn’t flow well just listing in the story.

And how could you not pick up a paper with a headline that says, “Twins had gun-range death pact”…..

Runner up was the The News Sentinel The News Sentinel for one thing: General Motors CEO Daniel Akerson’s smug expression as he pulls away in his 2011 Camaro.


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