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Wikileaks, the group responsible for leaking the Collateral Murder video earlier this year showing American helicopter pilots killing a group of Iraqis and two Reuters journalists and more recently the Iraq War Logs, is poised to release a new set of documents that spokesman Julian Assange says will dwarf all other leaks.

The first thing that caught my attention about this leak was the scramble by the State Department to stop it. They’ve contacted Assange’s lawyers. They’ve contacted other countries. They’re saying this leak will put lives and the U.S. foreign relations in jeopardy.

Whatever is coming, the U.S. government is VERY concerned.

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The media should admit it has a way of blowing things out of proportion. Anyone remember balloon boy, the planned Quran burning or more recently, the L.A. Missile Crisis?

I finally read something addressing journalism’s struggle to fit in as many TSA horror stories as possible before the holidays. Howard Kurtz at The Daily Beast wrote about the recent coverage and called it exactly what it is: perfect fodder in the holiday travel season.

The “Don’t touch my junk” video – it went viral. In the video the passenger claims the pat-down constitutes a sexual assault.

“I don’t understand how a sexual assault can be a condition of my flying,” he tells the agent.
Then you have the urostomy bag man. And the passenger who was asked to remove her prosthetic breast at a checkpoint. The headline for that one: The TSA horror story to trump them all.

And that’s exactly what’s going on. We’re looking for the next TSA horror story to trump the last one. We should be asking the questions, “How often is this happening? Where have these policies failed? Where have they worked?”

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A television news station in San Diego is saying they would have never reported an unexplained object was a missile if a former U.S. diplomat hadn’t said it was.

The story of a missile launch, reported by CBS 8 in San Diego November 9, was picked up internationally and had everyone from tech bloggers to military experts weighing in.

Eventually a regular guy…not a journalist…(im shaking my head right now) thought it would be interesting to check the flight logs to see what may have been in the air during that time.

He realized a flight matched. A webcam aimed in that direction showed an almost identical video to the one recorded by CBS 8 from a different angle.

I contacted CBS 8 about a week later to see how a plane got turned into a missile sending a ripple through the blogoshpere causing the stirring of every conspiracy theorist with internet access.

The first person I talked to was John Chadwick. He’s an assignment editor at CBS 8. He said originally, a partner station shot the video and didn’t think it was newsworthy and passed the video to them.

Chadwick said it wasn’t a story until CBS 8 night editor Les Waldron got a hold of the recording.

“Once he got the video, he realized the full potential of what we had here,” Chadwick said by phone.

And that’s when it became a missile. Maybe.

Waldron said they only reported it as a missile because a former U.S. diplomat Robert Ellsworth told them it was when they reviewed the recording with him. Read More

On Fridays I pick a front page from the Newseum that stands out to me and post it on here for the world to see. I download the PDF and provide a link to download the page.

This Friday’s page comes from The Denver Post

I picked this one because of the solid design, strong headlines and pretty interesting presentation of information.

An interesting take on the health care issue at the top of the fold. I like the centerpiece with the Ice Age story and mammoth tusk photo (my other major in school was anthropology). The info box has interesting things that probably wouldn’t flow well just listing in the story.

And how could you not pick up a paper with a headline that says, “Twins had gun-range death pact”…..

Runner up was the The News Sentinel The News Sentinel for one thing: General Motors CEO Daniel Akerson’s smug expression as he pulls away in his 2011 Camaro.